Let’s Wrap It Up! Is Bagging It for Lazy Gifters?

Gift Wrap
I’ll admit, I really do hate answering this question. My confession: I bag everything!! Who wants to stand around wrapping gifts, especially if you have a huge load of presents to prepare for Christmas? Then again, I don’t even like wrapping gifts when there is only one. Not only do I not enjoy wrapping, but my skills have been scoffed at more than once. Yes, I am the person who can’t figure out how to neatly wrap a package. I just stick tape everywhere until it holds. Wrapping feels like a waste of time, so instead, I just skip over that part and stuff something in a bag. Tissue paper makes it look at least somewhat decent, so I do add this at the end. Laziness? Ok, maybe!

Taking a Lesson from Mom
When I think back on birthdays and Christmas, those neatly wrapped packages always look so delightful! Yeah, the paper is kind of a waste, but gifting occasions only come around once in a while, so why not dress it up with a sparkly covering? My mom used to spend hours meticulously wrapping gifts for everyone, and you know, I appreciated it a lot. Perhaps if it means something to me, it means something to everyone else too, including my recipients. I actually took a vow after last Christmas to start wrapping things. So far, I have done somewhat well. However, I have found that some occasions or gifts just seem to require bagging. Here are a few instances in which I have found bagging to be necessary…

Like, Let's Say We're Wrapping a Giraffe or Something...
Awkwardly shaped gifts can be next to impossible to box, right? What about a candelabrum? Who wants to try and box that? It’s just easier to slip it in a large gift bag. I believe that your recipient should understand the difficulty in boxing such a strangely shaped item. I would, wouldn’t you? I say, if the item is going to cause a lot of difficulty to box, just bag it.

Plushy Gifts
Soft teddy bears, blankets, and socks just look better coming out of a bag. This is purely an opinion, but I don’t get warm fuzzies when I pull a super soft blanket or pair of socks out of a box. I can’t fully explain this one; it just feels wrong to me. Maybe you disagree? Plus, it’s easy to wrap something soft like a set of sheets in tissue paper. To feel like you’re going the extra mile, make sure the bag is super dressy and fun.

Graduations and Weddings
These occasions find a couple or an individual opening a mass number of gifts. The wrapping paper piles up like crazy, and then someone has to deal with it. During these occasions, if it were me, I would prefer a larger number of bagged gifts. Tearing off wrapping paper does eventually get old, and pulling things out of a bag is quicker and easier. Plus, the recipient gets to keep a whole bunch of cool bags and re-use them in the future. This is always my favorite part of receiving gift bags; they are so fun to collect! Again, go the extra mile with a unique bag to show some effort.

Share Your Opinion
So there are my suggestions, all wrapped up neatly and tied with a bow! I conclude that there are a few instances when bagging it is more practical, but have to admit that wrapping does demonstrate more time and effort to your recipient, and looks really neat, too. Have a different opinion? Let us know with a comment on our blog, or visit our Facebook or Twitter page and let us know. I always love to share new ideas. Happy wrapping!
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