Writing the Perfect Gift Message to Accompany a Birthday Gift

So you got invited to a birthday party of the friend of a friend, a cousin or some other loosely related person. You can’t show up empty handed, and it is good gift etiquette to pair a gift with a card, so the question is, what do you write? This is a pretty basic topic, but it has caused me a moment’s pause in the past as I have tried to phrase a nice message for someone I barely know. The main message you want to send is, hey, I was there, I got you this gift, and I wish you a happy birthday. The key points to cover are as follows:

•    Salutation: This could be Dear So-and-So, or it could be Happy Birthday So-and-So!
•    Happy Birthday! (Unless included in salutation)
•    Reference your reason for the gift, and your hope that they enjoy it
•    Your wishes for their special day
•    Closing (Sincerely, Love, All the Best)

Here are a couple of examples of good birthday gift messages for guys and gals:

Dear James,

Happy birthday!
I know you like to host poker night, so hopefully this poker set will come in handy. Have a terrific birthday!

All the Best,

Personalized Fitness Fun Tote

Happy Birthday Tabitha!

I know you like to travel, so I got you this cute tote to help carry your travel necessities in style. Have a fabulous birthday full of fun and laughter!


Birthday gifts can also be a difficult find. When you aren’t too personal with the birthday girl or guy, you might not know much about their interests or hobbies. General gifts like gift baskets or wine sets are perfect in these cases, as most everyone enjoys a nice bottle of wine or a basket full of snacks or sweets. I referenced poker sets and totes above, which are both great generic gifts. Arttowngifts.com offers personalized poker sets and totes, so you can add their name or initial, which is also a fun way to put some thought into a simple gift.

Tanner Ridge California Wine Duet
Now you are set to show up bearing gifts, and a terrific message to go along with! Avoid the discomfort of showing up empty handed with a simple and generic gift that anybody would enjoy. To make it a bit more thoughtful, add personalization and a gift card. Join me next time for a how-to on the perfect gift message to accompany a corporate gift. Happy gifting!
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