Gift Message Etiquette: A Simple Guide to Getting Your Message Across

Gift Message Guide
Your pen is poised over that cute gift card you just picked out…. Your mind goes blank….. What to write? This gift message writer’s block is a common ailment, and seems to afflict us most when we’re not too closely connected to our recipient. It’s easy enough to write out a mushy message for Mom or an I Love You note for a sweetheart. But what about the card for your best friend’s sister’s wedding? How about a graduation note for a cousin? How the heck am I supposed to address an Aunt or Uncle on their anniversary? These are questions that I hope to be able to answer with my newest blog series on Gift Message Ettiquete. I will address those occasions on which we often find ourselves giving to someone not within our immediate circle of friends and family. Follow these simple guidelines, and your message should come across beautifully.

Occasion #1: Weddings
Attending a wedding for a cousin, nephew or a friend you haven’t seen in years? Keep your gift message simple and sweet. The bride and groom likely have a large stack of gifts and cards to go through, and will probably only briefly glance at your message. Here are the key points to cover:

•    Salutation: Dear Name & Name,
•    Congratulations
•    Your wishes for the happy couple
•    Close with Love, Sincerely, Best Wishes, etc.

Here is an example of an appropriate gift message:

Dear Tom & Joana,
Congratulations on the beginning of your new life together! I wish you millions of happy moments and years full of joyful memories.

Notice that the message is short and sweet, and the congratulations and well wishes are expressed without fluff, but are still poignant and heartfelt. As the bride and groom scan their cards, your point will be clear immediately, and later, if cards are revisited for some reason, a more thorough examination of your message will still deliver a punch! Your meaning is clear, your sentiments are dear, and you are now on their thank you card list. Case closed!

At, many of our gifts include the option to add a hand-written message to your gift. We will pick out a card to match the gift and personally write out your message. Our Custom Name Signs are very popular gifts for newlyweds. Custom design your sign for a very thoughtful expression of best wishes for the newlyweds. The icing on the cake… your amazing gift message!

Live, Laugh, Love Family Name Sign

This concludes my wedding gift message tutorial. I plan to write a series of gift message blog posts to help you write meaningful messages without the stress. If you are interested in having a certain occasion covered, let me know! Subscribe to the blog and leave a comment or visit our Facebook Fan Page and share your ideas. I would love to hear from you. Happy gifting!

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