Sweetest Day: An Opportunity to Recognize Those Who Make Life Sweeter!

Sweetest Day Gifts
Sweetest Day continues to gain popularity across the nation with its good-natured premise and inspirational beginnings. Started around 1922 in Cleveland, Ohio by Herbert Birch Kingston, this holiday is rooted in the desire to celebrate individuals who are often overlooked. Kingston decided to begin spreading cheer to the underprivileged by distributing candy and small gifts to children in orphanages, those with sickness or disabilities and others who are often forgotten.

Over the years, others joined in, including celebrities. Soon it was declared an official holiday in Cleveland, Ohio and has since begun to gain popularity, especially in the Great Lakes region. Today, it is considered a celebration of the wonderful sweetness that people can bring to our lives. Gifts exchanged are usually similar to those given on Valentine’s Day, including cards, candy and small mementos. This year, it is celebrated on Saturday, October 20th.

Fancy Chocolate Covered Caramel Apple Duet
Check out the large selection of Candies and Treats at Arttowngifts.com to find something for a special person in your life. Candies, cookies, baskets and teddy bears are all there! It doesn’t get any sweeter than this Fancy Chocolate Caramel Apple Duet. Beautifully presented in a pretty box, these caramel and chocolate covered apples will tickle their taste buds with Belgian chocolate and toffee coverings. Plus, caramel apples make the perfect fall gift! Hand-make a card to add to your treat for a truly special way to bless someone on this sweet holiday.

This wonderful day comes from truly humble beginnings, with a meaning that can be understood and shared by everyone. Help us shed some light on this heartwarming holiday by sharing gifts and special time with those who make your life sweet. If you wish to stick to the more traditional roots of the holiday, share something tasty with someone who might be lonely or in need, like an elderly person in your neighborhood or someone struggling with illness. Make October 20th the Sweetest Day of the year for someone special, and feel the reward of sharing goodness with the important people around you. Enjoy!
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