15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

 Anniversary Gifts for Year 15
It’s time to say goodbye to year 15! Gift ideas for a 15th anniversary are as follows:

•    Traditional: Crystal
•    Contemporary: Watches
•    Flower: Roses

Crystal: Something Worth Treasuring
Traditional 15th anniversary gifts are made from crystal. Crystal is known for being extremely delicate, and therein lies the beauty. Crystal is something to be protected and handled with care, because carelessness leads to brokenness! Relationships are a lot like this. It seems as though breaking points are usually reached when one or both partners become careless and forget the companionship that was once treasured. This year, give gifts of crystal to remind yourselves of the beauty in your relationship, and to keep in mind the things that each of you treasures about the other. Crystal jewelry, glassware and home d├ęcor items always make a statement with their beauty and fragility.

Finding Value Over Time
The modern 15th anniversary gift is a watch. 15 years have passed, and hopefully the time has flown. Stop the clock this year and take a look at the meaning behind the time you have spent raising kids, washing dishes, doing laundry, traveling, working and communicating. Time spent on menial tasks is just as valuable as time spent on romantic getaways and exciting new experiences. If you are valuing each other every minute, no matter how time is being spent, then you are a lucky pair! The gift of a watch is meant to symbolize the time that you have spent together in companionship and love. Husbands, an elegant wrist watch is a nice way to celebrate the woman that you have chosen to pass your time with! Ladies, a sophisticated pocket watch for a classy husband is perfect for honoring your time as a pair. Personalize his watch for a thoughtful twist on his timepiece. This Brushed Silver Pocket Watch from Arttowngifts.com features customization on the back perfect for adding his name, a date and a message. He can step out in style with a watch that will remind him of you with each passing hour.

A Lifelong Love
Gold Dipped Rose and Red Gold Trimmed RoseRoses have long epitomized romance and passion. The 15th anniversary is the perfect year to give her an unforgettable rose that will never fade. The line of Gold Roses from Arttowngifts.com offers a stunning array of rose colors and styles dipped or trimmed in the precious metal of your choice, including platinum, gold or silver. Find roses completely coated in shiny gold, silver or platinum or browse their huge selection of colorful lacquered roses with metal trimming. Real roses are hand-picked at the peak of their bloom and coated in lacquers and metals to preserve them for a lifetime. These roses, like your love, will never wither away. Pair her rose with a crystal vase for a gift that is both traditional and modern in one!

No Time To Waste
My wish for you is that the time that you have spent together has resulted in companionship with a value that is crystal clear to the both of you. We don’t have much time to waste as humans, and the one person that we do choose to spend that time with is an extremely important part of our life's value. Before any more time runs out, let your spouse know just how integral they are to making you tick. I can’t think of any better way to celebrate an anniversary. Join me next time for year 16.
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